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Sebastian Vaduva is a professor, consultant and entrepreneur. He teaches, and writes about ethics, entrepreneurship, and technology.

His main goal is to help people and organizations be their best. He believes that a company's most important assets are its people and ideas. Sebastian is committed to developing them through training, coaching, mentoring, and networking.

He values ethics because he thinks they create long-term success. He envisions a connected global business world based on creativity, communication, collaboration, and character.

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Business Professor

Serial Entrepreneur

Corporate Trainer and Consultant

Author & Researcher

Business Community Advocate

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Sebastian Văduva is a professor, consultant, and entrepreneur. He was born in communist Romania but immigrated to the United States in 1989, where he became an entrepreneur and a business professor. He returned to Romania in 2005; he trained and consulted with more than 50 corporations.

Sebastian and his team delivered over 10.000 hours of executive training in the US and Europe. He holds an MBA and two Ph. D.s in Entrepreneurship and Political Science. Sebastian has been part of over 20 start-ups and has trained over 8,000 executives.

He has spoken at well-known business and tech events and has been featured on radio and TV. With colleagues, Sebastian has written 15 books, created over 25 university courses, and published over 40 academic articles. Sebastian is married, and he and his wife have a daughter who founded the social business Romanian Dolls and Stories.

Corporate Trainer

Sebastian's expertise spans various industries, from tech leaders like Endava to nonprofits like The Salvation Army. As a devoted facilitator, he creates customized training programs that enable professionals to boost their leadership, communication, motivation, and strategic thinking skills. Sebastian's dedication to fostering growth and development makes him an indispensable ally for organizations aiming to uplift their teams.

He aims to empower businesses and people to thrive and flourish in an ever-changing market.

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