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Teaching, Mentoring and Developing Human Talent

„Empowering intrapreneurs and entrepreneurs  to reach their full potential through educational leadership, guidance, and nurturing of skills and abilities.”

Sebastian Văduva
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Areas of Operation/ Fields of Activity

Business Professor

Serial Entrepreneur

Corporate Trainer and Consultant

Author & Researcher

Business Community Advocate

My life and journey

Sebastian Vaduva is a professor, consultant, and entrepreneur. He teaches and writes about ethics, entrepreneurship, and technology. His main goal is to help people and organizations be their best. He believes a company's most important assets are its people and ideas.

Sebastian is committed to developing people through training, coaching, mentoring, and networking. He values ethics because he thinks they create long-term success. He envisions a connected global business world based on creativity, communication, collaboration, and character.

Teaching is not just a profession; it's my life's purpose.

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Debating ideas, not people!

Sebastian Văduva at George Buhnici

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Corporate Training Expertise

Business Management

Dive into profitable ventures, growth strategies, and smart time management with Sebastian Vaduva's Business Management course. Practical skills for real-world success.

Strategic Team Management

Learn practical leadership and effective team dynamics. No jargon, just straightforward strategies for better decision-making and team success.

Communication and Negotiation Skills

Master down-to-earth communication and negotiation techniques. Sebastian's training offers practical tips for real-world success in both.

Sales and Client Management

Get real-world sales techniques and team collaboration. Sebastian shares insights on building client relationships without the complexity.

Human Talent Management

Develop skills in recruiting, retaining, and motivating top talent. Sebastian explains conflict resolution and team-building in a straightforward manner.

Business Awareness and Global Perspective

Unpack global business dynamics in clear terms. Sebastian's training provides practical insights into clients' businesses and fosters global awareness of current trends.

Your success is my success!

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